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If you run a supporters group for your favorite soccer team, have you considered partnering with Garage Soccer?

Garage Soccer can be a great way to have fun and expand your supporters group. For example, you can incorporate Subbuteo games before or after your upcoming watch parties. This will help encourage members to come early and stay later, which will keep your bar/pub/restaurant owners happy too.

Other benefits of partnering with Garage Soccer include:

• Get discounts on Subbuteo equipment and teams in your club colors,

• Let us help you promote your Garage Soccer events to encourage more people to attend, so you can grow the number of your members,

• Your members who also become members of Garage Soccer can receive a custom T-shirt in the colors of your club,

• Get mentioned on the Garage Soccer website, newsletter, social media and podcast.

Learn how to sign up to host Garage Soccer events for your supporters group by contacting Pat O'Brien at or by phone at 561-316-0358.

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