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Subbuteo and coaching: Soccer coaches discover benefits of table soccer game

Subbuteo as a soccer coaching tool

When Subbuteo was first launched in 1947, the idea of soccer coaches using the table football game to instruct their players wasn't even a consideration.

But more than 70 years later, not only is Subbuteo table soccer still thriving but more coaches and football associations have caught on to the advantages of using Subbuteo in their classroom or pitchside.

How does a table soccer game benefit coaches? Here are a few different reasons.

  1. When drawing on a whiteboard, the coach's back is facing the athletes so s/he can't see how much they're paying attention. With Subbuteo, the coach faces the players and it helps them focus better on the instructions that are given.

  2. More coaches prefer Subbuteo because it's a better way for the players to visualize space and positioning.

  3. Subbuteo allows the coach and athletes to interact by moving the individual figures around the pitch so they can recreate different in-game scenarios. By getting the athletes more involved, it helps improve memory retention.

  4. The Subbuteo pitch and players are quick and easy to pack and unpack. The pitch is made of cloth or felt. And the players and set can be quickly placed inside the box to be used again for the next coaching session.

Don't take just our word. Coaches throughout England's FA have been using Subbuteo both inside and outside for several years. In fact, when England recently won both the u17 and u20 World Cup tournaments, the players and coaches had Subbuteo tables set up in their locker rooms to be used before games.

Plus, the use of Subbuteo by coaches has been publicized in recent articles in the media:

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At Garage Soccer, we're the only Subbuteo distributor in the United States. We have several different sets, pitches, teams and accessories available (we recommend the Subbuteo Derby Edition for coaches). By ordering through us, you save time and money. And you are taking a positive step forward at introducing a relatively new and better way of getting your coaching instruction through to your athletes.

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