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Garage Soccer Hosts Major Subbuteo Tournament in Florida

Paul Gonzalez, Pat O'Brien and Christopher Harris

Garage Soccer hosted its most successful Subbuteo tournament to date. Fifteen Subbuteo players from across the state of Florida competed in the tournament during a six-hour contest that also helped raise money for a good cause.

Taking place just two days after the tragic Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in nearby Parkland, Garage Soccer members donated $150 for the Stoneman Douglas Victims’ Fund to help provide relief and financial support to the victims and families of the horrific shooting.

The Garage Soccer Tournament, which was played at the indoor CitySoccer complex in West Palm Beach, was a huge success. The level of competition was the best yet. And we welcomed Subbuteo players who came from as far away as Tampa, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale to enter the tournament.

Having traveled from Tampa to play in the competition, Matt Fox made an impressive Garage Soccer debut as he started slowly but quickly improved as he advanced into the knockout rounds of the competition.

In the quarterfinals, Matt defeated Shane Grace is a very close game where Matt’s defensive prowess was able to prevent Shane from getting an equalizer.

In the other quarterfinals, Pat O’Brien advanced to the semi-final with a 3-1 victory, while Christopher Harris won his game 2-0 and Paul Gonzalez won 2-1 in shootouts to move to the next stage.

In the semifinals of the competition, the margin of victory was even tighter. In the game between Paul Gonzalez and Pat O’Brien, Paul took an early 1-0 lead until Pat scored two late goals to earn the victory and a place in the final.

Meanwhile, Christopher Harris scored the one goal that was the difference in his game against Matt Fox.

With the clock almost striking midnight, the final between Pat O’Brien and Christopher Harris was the first time the pair had ever faced each other in a tournament final.

Similar to the semi-final, Christopher took a 1-0 lead against Pat in the first half before Pat came back and scored two late goals to win the 2018 Garage Soccer Tournament trophy.

Congratulations to Pat and everyone who participated in the tournament. New friendships were formed. Everyone seemed to have a good time. And the level of competition was at the highest we’ve ever seen it.

Keep an eye out for more details about our next tournament.

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