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Colorado, Portland, Tucson and Chattanooga Subbuteo clubs join Garage Soccer

USA Subbuteo expands

With the number of Subbuteo clubs growing across the USA, we’re proud to announce that Colorado Subbuteo League, Portland Table Soccer Club, Tucson Subbuteo Soccer Club and Chattanooga Soccer Club have joined Garage Soccer.

With the Garage Soccer platform, we offer clubs throughout the United States several benefits including:

• Promotion of news and events in the monthly Garage Soccer email newsletter,

• Interviews with club founders on the bi-monthly Subbuteo Podcast hosted by Garage Soccer,

• A club-specific page hosted by,

• Club results and league standings hosted at, and

• Distribution of new, local player leads to each club.

Both the Colorado Subbuteo League and Chattanooga Subbuteo Club feature several star players including Zach Walker, Benny Nuger and Tom Shirley. Meanwhile, Portland Table Soccer Club is one of the most active new Subbuteo clubs in the USA on social media. And Tucson Subbuteo Soccer Club have made a lot of progress in a short amount of time and their members are very enthusiastic.

"It's encouraging to see Subbuteo starting to grow in the United States, so we're very excited about Colorado, Portland, Tucson and Chattanooga joining our platform," said Garage Soccer President Pat O'Brien. "With 2018 being a World Cup year, we believe we can make a difference in helping the sport of table soccer grow by leaps and bounds this year and beyond."

If you’re interested in learning more about how to add your Subbuteo club to the Garage Soccer network, please email

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