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How to buy Subbuteo in the United States

Buy Subbuteo in USA

Whether you’re looking to buy Subbuteo sets, merchandise, pitches or goals, you’ll know that it’s often difficult to find Subbuteo merchandise in the United States. Not only that, but most of the Subbuteo product is only available from overseas, which means you have to deal with expensive shipping and customs.

That’s why one of the main reasons we set up a Garage Soccer Online Store is to make the process easier to get Subbuteo equipment into your hands.

We’re based in the United States, so all items are shipped from the US to your door. That helps to keep shipping costs down to save you money.

Plus we’re here to answer your questions regarding which merchandise is best for you — from the type of pitches you want to get, to the different types of Subbuteo player figures (and the pros and cons of each).

If there is any specific Subbuteo merchandise you want that you don’t see in the store, let us know and we can get back to you to see if we can order it for you.

Visit the Garage Soccer Online Store today to buy Subbuteo in the United States.

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