Finding Subbuteo clubs and players in the United States

If you love the Subbuteo table soccer game or you’re interested in teaming up with other players or clubs in your area and you live in the United States, you’ll know how difficult it is to connect with others.

After all, Subbuteo remains an underground table soccer game in the USA. But there are quite a large number of people playing the game across the United States of America.

To make it easier to find others, Garage Soccer has created an interactive map that shows all of the players and clubs nationwide that have expressed an interest in being discovered by others.

To view the map of Subbuteo clubs and players in the U.S., visit the Subbuteo map page.

And if you’re interested in having your name or club added to the map, just email to be added today.


Garage Soccer helps organize Subbuteo leagues, events and tournaments at bars, breweries, tailgates and clubs nationwide.


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